Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Pacific Wharf: Coming this Summer!

 This is what the new addition to the Pacific Wharf area looks right now. Which, by the way, I often call it Fisherman's Wharf, and that confuses guests sometimes. Need to stop doing that. 
Anyway, would you like a close up of the sign so you know exactly what to expect there? Here you go.

Yes. Disney California Adventure is getting Ghirardelli! You have no clue how excited I am. Honestly, you have no clue.

So here's some history about the area and the location of the new shop. The Pacific Wharf area was designed after Monterey Bay and it celebrates California's abundance in the fishing industry. It is also Disney California Adventure's ‘food court area’ with Mexican and Chinese food, the Boudin Bakery, a beer truck, and a margarita stand. Because of these reasons (the tribute to Northern California and all of the food) it was the perfect place to put a new Ghirardelli shop, but before it was Ghirardelli, it was the Mission Tortilla shop.

I had the chance to ask the General Manager of food and beverage and store operations in Disney California Adventure himself, Gary Magetti, what specifically happened and how they were able to put in the Girardelli. He was very happy (and excited) to answer. First he explained how when they opened up they went to Mission Tortilla and asked them to open a shop in this new park. The company wanted Mission Tortilla to install a machine that would allow guests to see how tortillas were made. Unfortunately, the machine they provided was small and made the tortillas very, very fast- this was not what Disney wanted. They wanted guests to see each step so they asked them to make a big machine that would make the tortillas at a very slow rate. Ultimately, after all of this, Mission Tortilla was having some problems and had to leave the Pacific Wharf.

Needing to fill this empty space, it was a natural reaction for Disney to turn to Ghirardelli. They have a shop in Downtown Disney in Orlando, Florida, so both companies agreed and coming on June 15th the new shop will be opening and I will be happy to review it. If it is anything like the soda fountain and shop in Ghirardelli Square in San Francisco, then chances are it will be very difficult to remove me from the shop.


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