Saturday, 16 June 2012

Carsland: Flo's V8 Cafe

 Flo's V8 Cafe offers a classic diner menu, as well as ugly pies. Ugly pies are funky shaped pies inspired by pies that John Lasseter found when he took a road trip down Route 66.  For those that do not know, Cars was born from a family trip Lasseter took with his family on Route 66, so many things from the Cozy Cones to the ugly pies, came from this trip.

Flo’s is a very classic 50’s diner and it has that theme with a Cars twist throughout the entire restaurant with seating both indoor and outdoor.

I wasn't hungry when I went in, but I had to get something so I got a shake. I thought it was going to be like the shake from Taste Pilot's Grill, but it was so much better- possibly the best shake I've ever had. It was 'could barely get up the straw' thick, and it wasn't too rich or sweet. They have vanilla, chocolate and strawberry, and they come with 'road gravel' on top, which are basically malt balls, but you can ask for them to come without them, which I did because those have wheat.

I sat down inside in this back room where it was just windows and big 50's diner booths. The view was of Radiator Springs Racers so you could watch the action and enjoy your meal.

It was nice to just sit down and watch. There is even a giant rear view mirror on the wall so that those not facing the windows could watch.

The inside was amazing and if the food is like that milk shake I had, then I for sure will spend more time at Flo's...when it isn't so busy.


Carsland: Cozy Cone Motel

The Cozy Cone Motel is based off the car motel in the movie Cars and are now food stands. There is a total of five cones that sell different things:

From left to right when facing them:

Cone One- Churros
Cone Two- Ice Cream
Cone Three- Chili Cone Queso
Cone Four- Cone-coctions
Cone Five- Pop Cone

All five cones do, however sell the souvenir cone cups.

They have two sizes in the souvenir cups: 16 oz. ($9) and 32 oz. ($12) and they only come with a soft drink inside. Just a note though, they leak like crazy when you walk, no matter how much drink is left in there, you could have a drop left and it would still leak. But they look cool.

Also during the cast preview, I was able to have some of the pop cone, and it was interesting. They have two flavours and I had the dill pickle one, because that's all they gave us. I ended up eating the whole thing because I was confused as to how I felt about it and I was hungry. It didn't taste like dill pickle at all, but it had a weird flavour. I didn't like the pieces that had a lot of flavouring on it, too salty, but the ones that were a normal amount, I still don't know if I liked it or not. Still don't know how I feel about it, but I don't think I'll buy it.

You'll just have to try it and find out.

Each Cone also have some specialty drink that isn't at the other cones, but pretty much all the cones sell things that aren't gluten free.


Sunday, 10 June 2012

Pacific Wharf: Ghirardelli Soda Fountain and Shop

June 7th- opening day, thus the balloons.
Second set of registers to buy chocolate.

Moving murals on the wall. The cable cars slides down and the buildings shake.

Moving wall mural.

Moving wall mural.
This was something I had been looking forward to for a while and I'm so happy it is finally here!

I read on a Disney blog that the official opening day was June 7th, but they had soft openings during the week. That meant it was open when my friend from San Francisco came down to play in the park with me on Monday (June 4th). We were able to enjoy the splendor of Ghirardelli...just like we would be able to do back home in San Francisco…at Ghirardelli Square...

Anyway, I lead us over there because I knew the construction work was done so I wanted a picture of the front when I noticed it was open and people were able to buy things. With only the thought 'eh, why not?’ in our heads, we went right on it. First, a cast member hands us a menu- they now have one on display on the outside as well- then a cast member hands you a Ghirardelli square. (The flavour changes of the free chocolate changes. When I went on Monday we got milk chocolate, when I went on Thursday I got caramel, milk chocolate). Then immediately once you are inside you're directed to a cashier to order right there.

This was a problem because the first time we went in we were too busy looking around inside that we didn't take much time to look at the menu and what not. When we were hurried to order so we didn't really have a chance to read what was available. We just picked one that looked good. So we got the Haight AshBerry.

Here's the description from the menu:
'Very Berry Sundae: Strawberry cheesecake ice cream topped with sliced strawberries, under a layer of vanilla ice cream with blueberry topping, whipped cream, chocolate-covered blueberries and finished with a homemade, chocolate-dipped waffle roll.'

Just so you know, this is NOT gluten free. My friend Amanda ate the chocolate dipped cone and, luckily, was the one to discover that the bottom scoop of ice cream has chunks of cheesecake in it which included the graham cracker crust. But there are blueberries and strawberries, the top scoop of ice cream was vanilla, and on tip-top were three chocolate covered blue berries. We were upset that we managed to pick the one thing that didn't have chocolate in it- or at least there was very little- but other than those drawbacks, it was still very tasty.

I went again, of course, on its opening day. It didn't have a crazy long line but it was a bit crowded inside. The shop isn't really big and when people bring in strollers, space just disappears, so it was hard to get around.

I didn't want a giant sundae because you really need a friend to help you eat those, so I got a shake. They have these Quake Shakes, which are chocolate bar infused milk shakes. They are basically vanilla milkshakes that are mixed up with Ghirardelli bars of your choice. I got the caramel one and it hit the spot. There were chunks of chocolate in it and you could get a hint of caramel through the vanilla ice cream.

The only problem I had with it was that I drank it a bit too fast. I was really hungry/thirsty at the time and didn't stop to enjoy it, but it was still delicious. It was a hot day and that made this treat nice to cool you down. Even though it is milk and chocolate, it was very light and didn't weigh me down.

If you are wondering about the menu, it's the same thing that you can get at Ghirardelli Square in San Francisco. But here is a quick version of the menu.

The Gold Rush- peanut butter hot fudge sundae
The Earthquake- family favourite (eight scoops of ice cream, eight toppings, bananas, whipped cream, cherries, almonds, chocolate chips)
The Domingo- banana hot fudge sundae
The Golden Gate- banana split
The World Famous- hot fudge sundae
The Cable Car- rocky road sundae
The Strike it Rich- butterscotch hot fudge sundae
The Intense Dark- three different sundae choices: espresso escape, midnight reverie, or mint bliss
The Haight AshBerry- very berry sundae
The Presidio Passion- vanilla ice cream, strawberries, hot fudge.

Additional sundaes: Warm Brownie sundae, cookie bottom sundae, warm caramel sundae

Then you can also get just scoops of ice cream with different toppings. Different shakes and floats, or hot chocolate drinks.

If I gain a lot of weight by the end of this summer, this is the reason why.