Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Across the Street: Coldstone Creamery

That is the Coldstone Creamery that is located across Harbour Boulevard from Disneyland. I was standing on the corner in front of the Disneyland sign when I took this picture.

Once day after work, a co-cast member and I decided to get ice cream so we went to Coldstone, I have been there before but not this location and this one was tiny. We walked in, I took one look at the menu, and was kind of scared. There were just so many options, but I ordered how I would at any other ice cream shop.

First I looked at the flavours and took forever trying to decide what to get, which was fine because my friend was busy talking to the worker there.

Finally I decided on the banana ice cream with walnuts in a medium cup.

It was delicious. I was going for a banana nut bread type of flavour and it did taste a lot like banana bread. I enjoyed it very much. Of course, there are boundless more flavour combinations you can do to fit whatever you want at the time.

About a week later we went again because I was thinking about ice cream while at work, it was also a hot day, and that time I got cheesecake ice cream with white chocolate chips in a medium cup.

Because the menu is so confusing I honestly didn't know how much the ice cream cost that I wanted before I bought it. It cost a little less then $5, but they do give you a lot of ice cream so it is worth it.


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