Friday, 6 April 2012

Critter Country: Hungry Bear Restaurant

Located in Critter Country, next to Splash Mountain, is the Hungry Bear Restaurant. Once it was home to the Country Bear Jamboree, but that has sadly been gone for a while now.

It was late at night, I had just come home from work, when one of my roommates' co-workers wanted to get onion rings and she gets onion rings from The Hungry Bear Restaurant. With the promise of a mint julep, I decided to go with her because my roommates didn't want to so we made our way to Disneyland.

After getting me a mint julep, and thus her keeping her promise, we made our way over to the Hungry Bear Restaurant.

Looking at the menu I knew I didn't want a full meal, just a snack and the sweet potato fries were calling my name so the only choice I had was to answer.

They were okay. The only problem I had was that they were really salty; all of Disneyland’s fries seem to be this way. They use a very coarse salt on their fries and I think they just put a normal amount of salt on but they don't take into account how big the crystals are. Aside from that it is good. I had a mint julep still with me to wash the salt down, so I would say if you get these get a drink or at least a cup of water. The price is about $3 so it is regular Disneyland snack price.

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