Friday, 13 April 2012

Main Street U.S.A: Main Street Cone Shop

Currently on Main Street, U.S.A, they are working on a lot of shops along the left side of the street, one of which is the Ice Cream Parlour. Don’t worry; they aren't getting rid of it, just fixing it up a bit. But because of this, there is another ice cream shop that sees all the hand scooped ice cream business on Main Street.
Located in the back of the alleyway next to the Market House, is the Main Street Cone Shop. While waiting in line you might hear the sounds of the nearby dentist’s shop, piano lessons in progress- very much in progress- or someone taking a shower.

When it is hot out or before a parade, the lines manage to get very long but the lines move fairly fast.

They have six different flavours: chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, mocha almond fudge, mint chocolate chip, and rainbow sherbet. You can get your chosen flavour as a cone or a cup, one scoop or two. Additionally, they have other things like bars or a chocolate chip cookie sandwich.

I got one scoop of mint chocolate chip in a cup while waiting for the parade to start.

Dryers host the ice cream, so it is their brand that you are served. Somewhat expensive at $3.69 for a single scoop, but it is a nice treat while waiting in the hot sun for the parade, and it was just the right amount of ice cream for me at the time. I didn't need a huge cone that some people were getting, those looked ridiculous.

So overall, very good ice cream.


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