Sunday, 22 April 2012

Downtown Disney: Gelato Popsicle Stand

A friend and I were heading to the monorail station in Downtown Disney to go play in the parks. We were talking about something, most likely work, when we both just come to a stop and silence falls between us. We had stopped, simultaneously, at a stand selling gelato popsicles. Why were both were so fascinated, I have no idea, but we were.

It was evil too because I had just eaten and was too full to get one on my own. Not taking that for an answer, my friend couldn’t help herself and bought one for us to share. There are nine different flavours and the popsicles cost around $5, we kind of wanted all the flavours but we decided on a simple vanilla bean one and it was spectacular.

It was gelato so that made it all the more better. Smoother texture and richer flavour even if that flavour was vanilla, it was a bright vanilla. Incredibly delicious, we devoured it before we were even in line for the monorail despite our full stomachs. Now I want to try all of the flavours but especially pistachio since that is one of my favourite gelato flavours. It is close to the same price as a Mickey shaped ice cream but tastes so much better. I know, blasphemy!


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