Sunday, 11 December 2011


Starting in mid-January, I will be working at the Disneyland Resort for eight months. I will be living just down the street and as a cast member, have many perks while there- such as discounts on restaurants. A goal of mine for a while now has been to make the Disneyland park more food allergy and food sensitivity friendly. They have improved their dishes and portions sizes but when it comes dietary restrictions, they have yet to make their food friendly. I do not know how well this will go, but I am willing to try.
However, this blog isn't just about food intolerances, I will also post pictures of dishes I eat, reviews, and overall, try to help all visitors to the parks figure out where to eat. This does not pertain to just the parks, because you need to know where to eat when you don’t have that magic ticket through the gate way into Disneyland so I will cover the surrounding Anaheim area as well.

So now I just need to wait until January and then things will get underway.