Thursday, 12 April 2012

A Bug's Land: Juice Box

Was a bug, little bug, hardly there...

Yes, that song plays through my head when I go to sleep. That is also the song you can hear anywhere within A Bug's Land, because it is the song that is constantly being played over at Heimlich's Chew Chew Train. Of course, all four rides have music playing but Heimlich is the only music that never stops playing even between cycles.

Now onto the point of this post! Inside this tiny bug land is a juice box turned on its side. When the weather is good (if it's raining or if there are chances of rain then it is not operating) then the juice box opens up to reveal frozen, fruity drinks. There are three different flavours: cherry, blue raspberry, and apple. I asked the cast member there which was best and what they tasted like and she said she liked the cherry and raspberry ones, but I didn't fancy having my lips turn bright red, or bright blue. She said the apple one tasted like apple cider, and I like apple cider, so that is the one I got.

They have three different sized cups, but the other two are souvenir cups and I didn't need one of those. The cheapest was this cup at around $5.

You can mix flavours if you want get two or all three in one cup, but I wanted just one flavour and I was disappointed. The cast member said the apple flavour tasted like apple cider, but it didn't, it tasted like apple juice. There is a big difference between apple cider and apple juice and this was for sure apple juice. The reason I don't like apple juice is because it is way too sweet for me and I wasn't enjoying it much. But if you like apple juice then you will like this apple drink. Another con was that it was hard to drink. I found myself using the warmth from my hands to try and melt the drink so that I could use the straw to drink this thing. Even then it still takes a while.

I have plans to go back and try the other flavours just to see but currently we are scheduled for rain so it will be closed.

If you find yourself on a very hot day in A Bug's Land in Disney California Adventure and you need a cold drink, then look for the juice box on its side selling frozen drinks.

It is located right next to this lovely attraction:

And for a little heads up, you see that button there? That's the entrance for the queue, people go up the exit a lot.

Not a good first experience but hopefully the other flavours will do better on my palate.



  1. If it was appe cider, would it have alcohol?

    1. No, they wouldn't sell alcoholic beverages in a kiddie area, which Bug's Land is. Apple cider like the sparkling apple cider you give kids on holidays while the adults drink champagne, only without the sparkling part.