Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Main Street U.S.A.: Coke Refreshment Corner

Located on Main Street U.SA., right next to the Jolly Holiday Bakery, is the Coca~Cola Refreshment Corner. Many things happen here that not many people know about.
Such as the Musical Chairs that Alice and her Wonderland Characters put on:

And the Dapper Dan's Perform here:

And you can see Mary Poppins and Bert. The one persistent form of entertainment is the Ragtime Piano player:

But behind all of the activities outside, inside they sell food. They have chili, hot dogs, pretzels, and of course, coca-cola. The menu is very limited but there are allergy friendly options available.

They have gluten free hotdog buns, so that's what I got. Like everything with a gluten free bun, it takes an additional 10-15 minutes for them to prepare it, and at that time, I felt it was worth the wait.
When offered the hotdog, you get a side of chips or apple slices. I chose the apple slice. The total was about $6, so a little pricey but I'm starting to get use to the Disneyland prices and I think that is a little on the cheaper side. This hotdog for me was just a snack not a meal so other people might want more food and that would make the price go up.

The bun was very good. Just like the hamburger buns, you can't tell it is gluten free only if you taste a bit of it by itself. The hotdog was delicious as well. It was juicy and salty and not some cheap, thin hot dog as I was expecting. I didn't grab any ketchup, and since I was by myself, I didn't want to lose my table, so I just ate it without any condiments. This was not a problem as there was plenty of flavour even with my lack of condiments.

If you are looking to a salty snack that isn't popcorn and don't mind waiting, then go here and get yourself a hot dog. You might just get some fun entertainment.



  1. Another thing that's on the list for next time! Very cool to have someone else make me a hot dog with GF bun. And I won't have five more to have to go through.

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