Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Disneyland Parks: Frozen Chocolate Covered Banana

I see people eating these and walking around all the time and finally I got one for myself. Unfortunately, I was left disappointed.

The overall concept is good: frozen banana dipped in chocolate, rolled in peanuts then frozen again and on a stick. Sounds delicious right? Well it is but there are several issues involved with this. First of all, you take a bite and the chocolate just falls off and onto the floor, or since I was sitting down, my lap. It is fairly easy to bite into even though it's frozen and kept that way by dry ice, but once you get to the stick, the banana is frozen onto it. It doesn't slide of the stick so you have eat it off like corn on the cob.

Once you get through all of that you are left with a round stick. I know this is just garbage that you can toss, but some people drop it on the ground, either by accident or sheer laziness- I don’t know- and that becomes a hazard. When Disneyland first opened, Walt Disney didn't want his frozen treats to be on a round stick because it's a tripping hazard, so that bothered me a bit.

Overall it isn't as great as it looks and from now on I shall stick to the Mickey Shaped Ice Cream Bars.


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