Wednesday, 7 March 2012

New Orleans Square: Blue Bayou

The Blue Bayou!

Or you might know it as that restaurant at the beginning of Pirates of the Caribbean.

Before when I would visit Disneyland with my family, we would always eat lunch at Blue Bayou. Like during these times:

My 18th Birthday!

Halloween 2010. That's my mum, my cousin, and me.

My parents last year in August.

Of course, we went again this time but to change things up a bit, we went for dinner. During dinner, they have an extra dish available and this time they also had special Mardi Gras options available and that was what my parents got.

I, however, got my usual order of jambalaya.

It comes with a salad or gumbo. I love gumbo, but because of the roux, I can't eat it so I always get the salad, which has gotten smaller over the years. This is a good thing because before it use to be way too much food.

Also the best mint julep in Disneyland! The one from Blue Bayou has more mint in it and therefore is superior to all other mint juleps at the park. I had two of them during the evening so it brought my total up to three for the day since I had one after breakfast from the Mint Julep Bar.

The perfect dining experience is being able to sit by the railings that separate you from the bayou on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, but sadly we were sat right by the doors leading into the dining room. Also at the table next to us was a rather obnoxious lady who was not eating gluten and being a pill about it. I didn't say anything but it was distracting. I know the Disneyland food and, in general, I know what I can eat and what I can't so I don't outright say and be obnoxious about my allergies as this woman was. Blue Bayou can be allergy friendly and if you don't know ask, but please be nice to the cast members when you do so, they don't know you have allergies and will accommodate you as soon as they do know.

The prices are $30+ so it is on the more expensive side but more importantly, it is really good and there is always a lot of food so you get your money's worth. In fact there was so much food that I ended up taking most of my jambalaya home for dinner the next day, not quite the same after being chilled and re-heated but that flavour was still there. We had no clue Blue Bayou did doggy bags but they do, which is nice because often in the past I've wanted to finish my meal there but couldn't. The only problem I had with the food this time though was that the 'sustainable fish' was a little dry. But the seasoning is always the best part.

It was delicious and always a good choice is you can get a reservation and have the money. The experience is one of the kind and the food is a true celebration of New Orleans.


P.S. Before dinner my mum and I met Tiana and Naveen.

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