Friday, 2 March 2012

Fantasyland: Village Haus [2]

After work on the One More Disney Day, my friend and I changed out of our costumes and headed back into the madness- I mean, park. We were both really hungry so I let her lead the way since she was hungrier than I. She really wanted beignets and hot cocoa, I of course would never object going to the Mint Julep bar because...well...they have mint juleps, but the lines all over New Orleans Square were crazy. The area was packed like a sardine can and mobility was very limited.

It's hard to see but I am standing on the bridge over the Pirates of the Caribbean opening and people are everywhere.

I told her that the Village Haus was kind of in the back and not too popular at night. She decided she'd rather go there than Pizza Port so off we went and it wasn't too crowded considering the rest of the park. I wasn't in a burger mood so I decided to get the apple and cheddar salad.

It has red and green apple slices with golden raisins, craisins, cheddar cheese cubes, greens, and a honey-yogurt dressing. The dressing has mustard in it and I don't like mustard that much, but this one went well with the salad and I was able to overlook my distaste for the condiment. It was something different that you wouldn't quite expect from a theme park; a nice twist and it tasted great. The crunch of the apple and sweetness being balanced out by the creaminess of the cheese and the tang of the mustard on the dressing added a new experience to my salad.

I know some people might find apple and cheese a weird combination but fruits and cheese is a classic dessert combination which I am use to so I enjoyed it. Cost is a little pricey though, at $8.

After that, I spent the evening with my friend and we met up with two other people. One of which I got to be a complete nerd with as we talked about A Very Potter Musical, Dr. Who, and various other geeky things while waiting in line for rides.

We also went on Haunted Mansion at midnight, per my request, and a cast member on there freaked out my friend and she pretty much screamed bloody murder and latched onto me. I laughed for the rest of the ride and she no longer likes Haunted Mansion.

After that we met up with one more person before going on a few more rides and heading back to our apartments after we found ourselves on It's A Small World at 2:30 in the morning, a ride that none of us like.

So my total of hours at the park was from 6 AM to 2:30 AM, I was there for 20.5 hours. I was close to doing the whole 24 and I know that I could have (I've stayed up longer when I worked at a bakery from 4:30 AM to noon and then went to the Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows part 2 midnight premiere then had to go to work after) but I was ready to go sleep and rest. Plus it was crazy crowded. The park reached maximum capacity at 11 PM, which means they had to start turning people away and only re-admittance could come in. This also means that it is beyond crowded.

So for One More Disney Day I had a pretty good time. I got to meet Alice and the Hatter, went on Haunted Mansion at midnight, and had some good food. I even worked during it so I earned some money being there.


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