Friday, 20 January 2012

New Orleans Square: The Mint Julep Bar

This is the sign of the Mint Julep Bar. But don't look on any map of Disneyland for it because it isn't on there.

Located in New Orleans Square in the Disneyland Resort, it is hidden in the back of the French Market. If you stand at the New Orleans Square Train Station and look at the restaurant below, you can see where the line begins for the Mint Julep Bar.

One of the best sights that always can put a smile on my face at Disneyland is scattered on the ground in that area. The Mint Julep Bar only sells drinks (mint juleps, coffee, soda, etc.) and Mickey Mouse shaped beignets. They don't have gluten free ones, sadly, but I've found my own way to enjoy them. Just like in New Orleans, these come covered in powdered sugar, so all over the ground you see spots of powdered sugar on the floor where people tried to eat them while not getting the sugar all over their clothes. It is just a sight that I would only find in Disneyland and it reminds me where I am.

Now to write about my addiction. Hello, my name is Charlotte and I am addicted to the Disneyland mint juleps. I'm not too sure what it is but I can't go on a Disneyland trip without getting one. They offer two different kinds of mint juleps and it all depends on where you get yours. One is from the Mint Julep Bar and the French Market, but the other (better) one is from Blue Bayou and Cafe Orleans. What is the big difference? Blue Bayou's mint julep has more mint in it, and I don't mean extract or flavouring, I mean actual leaves of mint. I crush the mint up with my straw and the ice and it adds more mint to your drink and, personally, makes it a better experience.

But if you can't get into the Blue Bayou, the French Market one will do just fine.

What exactly is a mint julep? Well originally it is a drink from New Orleans, LA and it has mint leaf (spearmint is traditional in Southern States), bourbon, sugar, and water. Disneyland being non-alcoholic has made several changes. I don't know exactly what is in it but my guess is lemonade with a hint of lime (for the green) then a lemon wedge, two cherries, and a sprig of mint. The way the menu describes it is 'a refreshing mint drink with a hint of lime'.

Why do I love them so much? Well, first, they just plain old taste delicious. Second, I've visited the Walt Disney Family Museum at the Presidio in San Francisco, CA three times now and in the room with the Disneyland model (a giant table model of what Disneyland looked like in 1955 [opening day]) they mention how Walt and Lillian spent one of their anniversaries aboard the Mark Twain Steamboat with their guests, all drinking mint juleps. I like classic Disney things and to know that these mint juleps have been around since the beginning makes me love it even more.

Here is the Mint Julep Bar menu.


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