Saturday, 31 March 2012

Frontierland: River Belle Terrace Breakfast

Ever since I found out that the River Belle Terrace served breakfast as well (until 11 A.M.), I had a craving to go there for and try it. I finally picked a day to go and do just that. It was my day off, and I was still recovering from being sick but I felt well enough to go to the park for breakfast. I slept in till 9 then got up and made my way to the park.

It's spring break time so that means it is kind of busy, and by ‘kind of’ I mean ‘insanely’, but it was later in the morning so I thought it would be empty of all the crowds. This was not so. When I walked into the restaurant, it was still packed full of people. I jumped in line after getting over the shock of having to wait in this long line so late in the morning and looked at the menu. Here it is:

Mickey Shaped Pancake (for the kid in all of us). One giant Mickey shaped pancake.

Steam Boat. Three pancakes, scrambled eggs, your choice of bacon or sausage.

Mark Twain. Homestyle potatoes, scrambled eggs, your choice of bacon or sausage with a biscuit.

Becky Thatcher Fruit Bowl. 'Everything but the huckleberry.'

I don't know if they have the gluten free pancake mix here, and honestly I didn't want the pancakes that morning so I got the Mark Twain with sausage and no biscuit.
The only complaint about all of this is that it was bland. They have little salt and pepper packets to add to your food and I shall remember next time to pick some up because I believe those potatoes could be amazing if they had seasoning on them. Honestly, I would like some other seasoning on them than salt and pepper but at the state they were in, any seasoning would have done to elevate them. The eggs are scrambled eggs but needed seasoning as well and the sausage is your typical maple glazed morning sausage. The sausages were tasty, but just the average breakfast sausage, nothing too spectacular. I would recommend it for breakfast as long as you pick up some salt and pepper.

It was at least more interesting food-wise than a buffet, character dining breakfast.

I went outside to eat my breakfast to people watch (best thing to do in Disneyland), and I had a rather nice view:

To my left was the queue entrance for Pirates of the Caribbean and it was a madhouse down there. So many people. When I left, I headed around Frontierland, taking the back way to Fantasyland, just to avoid the crowds. I had just passed Woody taking pictures and the petting zoo when I turned the corner and to my surprise there was Pocahontas! Pocahontas is a rare character to see and only is out during the busy times, she is out right now and still in the same area and she'll probably only be out until the 15th of April because that's when Spring break ends.

I now have a picture with all the princesses except Belle and Mulan!

Anyway I had a very good breakfast and I had a pleasant rest of the day as well, despite recovering from a cold.


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