Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Frontierland: River Belle Terrace

Before I get into the River Belle Terrace review, I would like to share a little story about an experience in the park. Yes this blog is about the food of Disneyland, but it is also about the different experiences you can have there.

I was walking around the Hub, looking in at Tomorrowland then glancing up at the Matternhorn and it's construction work, when I saw a flash of green and teal. Low and behold there was Ariel walking with Peter Pan- yes a weird combination, but that's the magic of Disneyland- and they were walking off towards Tomorrowland. Ariel was going to go check on Sebastian to make sure Louis the French Chef wasn't after him again and Peter had to go back to Neverland for a bit. Seeing that marvelous sight, I now knew that Peter Pan was here. You see he isn't always there, constantly having to fly back to Neverland and what not and I made it my mission that while I was working there, I would take a picture with Peter.

Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan are my top two favourite Disney movies that I loved growing up. Having already met Alice, I was thrilled at the prospect of finally getting to meet Peter.

My goal that day was to meet Peter, but quickly it got later and later and I was getting hungrier and hungrier. Close to giving up and going for lunch, it was around 1:30 PM and I was walking around the castle for the ten millionth time when I saw another flash of green. I look and there is Peter running by, well more like skipping but he was moving fairly fast, and all day I had been trying to check off that one thing of getting picture with him off my list so I did the only logical thing I could think of at that point: I followed him. He did not make following him an easy task either. He was hard to keep up with and by now others noticed his presence and began to follow him as well. He finally stopped on the left side of the castle, past Ariel and Cinderella taking pictures, and I got in his quickly growing picture line.

When I made my way to the front, we actually talked for a long time, longer than the other groups who went before me and longer than I was expecting, but I wasn't complaining. I happily got my picture and could finally go off to lunch in Frontierland.

Fighting the ever present crowds in Adventureland, I made it to the River Belle Terrace through the Adventureland door and it was empty inside. I was both shocked and pleased about this, and it all makes sense considering it was well past lunchtime. Having very few guests inside, I was able to not cause a traffic jam when I ordered my gluten free Mississippi Turkey Breast Sandwich. The gluten free list from Disneyland says the only thing you can get at the River Belle Terrace is the turkey sandwich. I like turkey the most so I would have gotten that even if I had more options but for those that do want something else, I do know they marinate their meat so if you want something ask what they put in their marinade since the list isn't always correct.

It took about five minutes or so for my sandwich to come out- probably would take a bit longer if it was busy- and every sandwich comes with a pickle, baked beans, and your choice of a small salad. I got a fruit salad but they had a pasta salad (not gluten free), lentil salad, and cole slaw. There is a little station where you can add lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and various other fixings, which was nice.

As you can tell from the picture, because the gluten free buns (same as the hamburger buns available at burger places in the parks) are small you essentially get two sandwiches, making them bigger than the regular sandwiches, but at the same price of $13 (without a drink). I got a sprite but they have many other Coke products as well as iced tea (sweet or not sweet).

The sandwich was your regular turkey sandwich. There were pieces of turkey and not deli slices that I had thought it would be, and it was slightly dry but that is where you make use of condiments and even your baked beans to give moisture and more flavour. Not the best sandwich in the world, but still a decent sandwich. It was also much more filling than I thought it would be and I must say I was happy I was going home after lunch because I was tired and didn't feel like doing anything else.

It was a good day with Peter Pan and good food—just not great food.


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