Sunday, 25 March 2012

For Sale: Alice in Wonderland Tea Collection

Working around little kids all day it isn’t a surprise that I managed to get sick. I've been sick with a cold since Tuesday and I was being stubborn and not calling out sick from work, but I finally woke up today feeling worse so I had to call out. I had to leave a message and I'm sure the guy at scheduling thought I was dying by the way I sounded.

One way I've been trying to recover is with lots and lots of tea. So much, in fact, that I'm almost all out.- blasphemy, I know. But the tea that I've been drinking is the Alice in Wonderland Tea collection available online at the and at the Disney parks.

This is all of the products that I own, and, sadly, that wheel of tea is almost completely gone. I truly love all of it. The tea press pot came filled with the Mad Hatter Tea Party blend (which I highly recommend) but I finished that so I got that container filled with more loose leaf Mad Hatter Tea Party tea. The honey spoons have a lot of honey and tastes a bit like caramelized sugar. It is a creative alternative to sweeten your tea and stir it too. And the plus, they are all reasonably priced, or at least I think so.

This is a very good tea collection with great varieties of flavour, solid products, and decently priced. I approve and I think the Hatter does too.


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