Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Main Street, U.S.A: Jolly Holiday Bakery [2]

I LOVE the Jolly Holiday Bakery!

It is amazing from the penguin waiter stain-glass windows to the freshly baked goods; I would be bold enough to say that I would go to Disneyland just to go to this bakery.

My friend- that came to visit for Wondercon- and I had dinner reservations for the Blue Bayou so we knew we didn’t need to eat much between breakfast and dinner. We decided to just snack on little things here and there and at one point we made our way to the Jolly Holiday Bakery. Brittany really wanted to go there since I first told her about it and I was more than willing to go.

I know they have the flourless chocolate cake that I have gotten the past two times, but this time I decided to get something different and I think I found a new favourite.

The cheesecake with black berries on top.

The cheesecake was perfect. It wasn't too sweet and I know this may not make it sound appealing depending on who you are, but there was a hint of cheese flavour in it. Usually cheesecakes are too sweet to be able to get this flavour or have too much going on that it just masks it, but this was a plain, simple cheesecake that allowed the creamy cheese flavour come through and elevating it above all other cheesecakes. The only part I had to avoid was the crust because that it NOT gluten free. But I am quite skilled at eating the top and avoiding crust, I've practiced it many times.

The price is the same as the flourless cake, about $5 but it is so worth it and so good and amazing and just...go get one and see for yourself.


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