Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Disneyland Parks: Cotton Candy

Before I begin there is something you must know, there is a difference in the cotton candy at Disneyland than at Disney California Adventure. Really, in Disneyland you can only get the pink cotton candy, and in California Adventure, you can get either pink or blue.

I was in New Orleans Square when I got my big bag of pink puffiness. Being that it was Disneyland and not Disney California Adventure, I only had one choice and that was fine by me. Now let me tell you how awkward it was sitting on a bench people watching by the Haunted Mansion and eating this big thing of cotton candy by myself. There was a group of three girls, probably a few years younger than me, sitting on the bench next to mine and they were sharing a cinnamon bun between them and here I was pigging out on a giant piece of cotton candy. So I only ate a little bit before putting it in my bag where it throughout the day got flattened. It was still good though when I pulled it out at home and ate it while watching a movie.

It's cotton candy, spun sugar, as classic as it gets. Price is $4 and can be found at outdoor vending carts throughout the parks.

Now for some history.
Cotton candy had to be a staple in Walt Disney's park because before actually building Disneyland, Walt traveled to all sorts of different amusement parks and theme parks trying to find what works and what doesn't work so his park would be the ultimate theme park and better than all the rest. While at one of these parks, he and two other men with him got huge helpings of cotton candy and that sold him on it. He had to have cotton candy at his parks.

One could view it as just another thing to help keep your kids as hyper as possible, if the prospect that they're at Disneyland isn't enough, but this is a treat for all ages- so don't be afraid to steal some off of your kids. It is good, classic and a must have.


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