Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Fantasyland: Village Haus

Last Saturday my Aunt, Uncle, and Cousin came down to visit and play in the parks. For my Aunt and Uncle it was their first time back in Disneyland in a long time and for my Cousin it was his first visit!

In the morning, before work, I went with them into Disneyland. My Uncle wanted popcorn for breakfast so he had that (and shared), then we went on the Mad Hatter Tea Party and lastly went on the Astro Orbiter. I then power walked from Tomorrowland to work and preceded to go to my scheduled 8 hours of work.

In the afternoon, they came by and rode the ride I was operating, after having gotten churros for my uncle and cousin. Why not my aunt? Well because she is also allergic to wheat and soy, and in case you are wondering, no they do not have gluten free churros.

I managed to get off work an hour and five minutes early, so I was able to meet up with them and go to dinner. When it came to deciding, I was happy to know my Aunt supported this weird project I have going on here so she asked me where I haven't eaten yet. I really wanted hamburgers and that led us to the Village Haus in Fantasyland.

My Aunt got a cheeseburger on a gluten free bun and I got a regular hamburger on a gluten free bun. It took a while for our food to get to us, I don't know if it was because there was a group of four of us and it was a large order or we just threw them for a loop on the gluten free bun part, but our order took a long while, and it was later at night so it wasn't that busy.

Either way, our food eventually arrived and it was okay.

There was some grain, probably rice, in the bun and it tasted shockingly all right on its own, but you could still tell it was a gluten free bun from the taste.

The meat I was iffy about because it wasn't anything spectacular and just sort of this really flat patty.

But one IMPORTANT thing: they offer a special sauce for your hamburger or cheeseburger and it is NOT gluten free. So ask for no sauce and put ketchup or mustard on the hamburger for a sauce. As you can see, I used ketchup.

The price was decent enough, it was about $7 or so, the angus pastrami burger is a bit more expensive.

Overall, a good hamburger- not great, but good.


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  1. Agreed! My cheeseburger was good, not great. It's nice to get a bun with it instead of wrapped in lettuce or as a lonely patty.