Thursday, 2 February 2012

Tomorrowland: Redd Rockett's Pizza Port

Let me begin with a little story.... and of course it shall start Disney style.

Once upon a time, in a two bedroom apartment in Anaheim, there lived a young lady named Charlotte. Charlotte happens to be sensitive to gluten and soy, so after spending her day watching baking shows on the television, she was craving some baked goods of her own. Being too lazy to make any, and not having gluten/soy free options at the local market, she went on the Internet and searched for gluten free bakeries in the area.

The first link was for Yelp and it showed a list of gluten free restaurants in Anaheim. The very first thing listed was Redd Rockett's Pizza Port in Tomorrowland in Disneyland. Confused, she clicked on the link and read the review that mentioned gluten free. To her surprise, this reviewer mentioned one could obtain a list of all of the gluten free food in Disneyland and its hotels.

The very next day, after a six hour shift at work, Charlotte changed out of her costume, marched across the way to Disneyland park, and avoided Cruella de Vil as she went up to city hall. She got the list and found it to be a very long list, more so a packet. She skimmed it quickly before making her way over to Tomorrowland and into Redd Rockett's Pizza Port.

There was hardly anyone in there, for it was the middle of the afternoon, and there were three distinct stations: salads, pasta, and pizza. She walked over to the pizza station and asked for the gluten free pizza. The cast member went and got the chef who took note of it and put the pizza in the oven while Charlotte paid. Once she paid, she waited a few more minutes, and received her steaming pizza.

The ending: Disneyland has gluten free pizza and all of Charlotte's dreams came true.

I know not the best story but it was a happy discovery and I thought I'd share the experience of discovery and satisfaction.

Now to the pizza! I did take a picture of it but I had eaten about 1/4 of it so for you, I shall not post that picture. I was really hungry and once I had my food I pretty much devoured it and only barely remembered to take a picture. I apologise for that, but it did look like any other ordinary cheese pizza.

The gluten free pizza (either cheese or pepperoni) is your own personal mini pizza that is 8 inches in diameter. If you get a regular, non-gluten free pizza you get only a slice and it is about 3/4 the amount of food that you get with gluten free and the price is different. Gluten free pizza is $6 and the regular pizza is about $7 and you get more food with gluten free so it's a really good deal.

My roommate claims the pizza at the pizza port tastes like cardboard, but I guess that is the regular one and not the gluten free one because I liked mine a lot. I have had gluten free pizza at Amicis so my like for this pizza isn't coming from 'I haven't had pizza ever since I became gluten free so any pizza I can eat is better than no pizza'. The crust was both crispy on the edges and soft on the inside (which is how I like my pizza crust) and the cheese was still melted yet crispy on top, slightly greasy but it's cheese pizza, you get grease. The flavour wasn't anything spectacular, but it wasn't bad, it just tasted like normal pizza, and that was perfectly fine with me.

Overall I liked the pizza. If you think the regular pizza there tastes like cardboard, then maybe you should try the gluten free one.


P.S. And afterwards I went to New Orleans Square and got a mint julep from the Mint Julep bar.

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