Saturday, 21 January 2012

Paradise Pier: Boardwalk Pasta & Pizza

Yesterday my roommates and I went to the parks. We didn't exactly plan it, sort of a spur of the moment thing, but we went nonetheless. First, we went to Disney California Adventure to ride Tower of Terror and get dinner. Because we weren't planning on going I didn't grab my camera and I took a photo of my meal with my phone but it is too dark to see anything, so you'll have to use your imagination as I describe what I got.

Paradise Pier is the main area with dining and one of my roommates works there. Having to stare at the food all day she finally just had to get some and I think that was the main reason we came to the park last night. The place she works at is the Boardwalk Pasta & Pizza and that is where we found our dinner. As you can imagine, a place with pasta and pizza in the title would not have as many options for those who have food allergies and this was true.

 Walking in you will notice that there are three stations (minus drinks and cashier): pizza, pasta, and salads. Two of my roommates got the pizza (a cheese pizza and the vegetarian pizza) while my other roommate got pasta. I had to get a salad and there was only one I could get out of three options. There was a Chicken Cesear salad, a Boardwalk salad, and an Italian salad. My roommate suggested the Boardwalk salad but it had blue cheese* so I went with the Italian, which was the only one I saw as being gluten free.

It had mixed greens with ham, salami, and mozzarella slices on the outside with fresh mozzarella balls tossed in the salad, as well as red bell peppers, a chile, kalamata olives and a simple vinaigrette. The salad only priced at $7 or so dollars (without tax) and there was a lot of food there so you do get your money's worth. The only complaint I have is that it was really salty because there were so many olives; I also didn't finish the deli slices because they weren't anything that special.

Only one thing that I could eat and it was at a good price, just nothing too spectacular or all that memorable. The only time I would go back, though, was if I was with someone that wanted to go there.


*Blue cheese: When blue cheese was first created the mold used was bread mold. Of course this a time when there was only gluten breads so the mold can possibly contain some gluten properties. I don't actually know how scientifically true this is, but I don't want to risk being sick. Also I don't like blue cheese.

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