Sunday, 26 February 2012

Garden Walk: California Pizza Kitchen (CPK)

After class one day, my roommates and I decided to go out to lunch before I had work. Me having the allergies, they decided to leave the decision up to me where we eat. I picked California Pizza Kitchen in Garden Walk. I had eaten at this particular location before and knew they had gluten free pizza and I really wanted pizza so we agreed to go there.

You can imagine how annoyed I was when I found out that this location no longer had the gluten free crust. The waitress explained that there was a recent change in ownership and they dropped it for the time being and I don't know for sure if they will be bringing it back, but it was good when I had it before.

They do have little 'gluten free' logos next to the items in the menu so you know what is gluten free. I ended up getting a salad. When in doubt, get a salad.

The caramelized peach salad.

Although the peaches were not caramelized- instead just barely grilled- it was still tasty. Leafy greens, nuts, cranberries, and peaches tossed in a vinaigrette. It was a sweet salad with hint of tang from the vinegar to try and cut through the sweetness. It also comes with Gorgonzola cheese, but I asked for no cheese. It was really big too; they have a half size and the full size and the full size is $11 or so. I was expecting it to cost more so to me it was worth the price.

And afterwards I rushed to costuming to change and go to work.


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