Thursday, 9 February 2012

New Orleans Square: French Market

The French Market is located in Disneyland's New Orleans Square, and it has the little gazebo stage in its sitting area where various performers come out to entertain. The Mint Julep Bar is also attached to it in the back, and during Halloween time it is transformed into Club Skelington.

They also always have really cool desserts like:

They do have normal looking desserts like a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and ganache covered in Mardi Gra coloured sugar sprinkles (yellow, green, and purple). The ganache and frosting of it is really good (took a small bit from my mum's piece last year) but I can't comment on the cake itself.

This one I was hesitant about going to because it was on my gluten free list that I received from Disneyland but I just said to myself, “They forgot to add this restaurant”. It isn't me being picky about wanting to eat there, it's more of the fact that I looked at their menu and I'm sure their blackened salmon with herb rice does not have wheat in it. So I took a chance and got their seafood and chicken jambalaya.

And a mint julep.

I've had this before but I don't think the side of wild rice was included last time.

The food there is a bit buffet style where the food sits in hot plates and refilled once they run low. Because of this, my chicken and shrimp were on the dry side but it was still satisfying and the spices used added plenty of flavour. They even use okra in their jambalaya, which is a plus in my book.

I don't know if it was 100% gluten free but I ate the jambalaya and felt fine afterwards, just a little full. They did give me one of their cheddar cornbreads even though I asked them not to, so I just wrapped it in a spare napkin and put it to the side, luckily it didn't leave crumbs. It isn't the best offered at Disneyland, but if you can't get into Blue Bayou, then this is the next best. I don't know if Cafe Orleans has any but I shall find out.


And here's what I did right before getting food:

And here's what I did right after:


*****UPDATE: Last Saturday when my aunt came to visit, she went to the French Market and asked if the jambalaya was gluten free. She waited five minutes for the chef to come out and he brought with him a giant binder full of the ingredients and nutrition facts for everything they use in their dishes. This binder revealed that YES the seafood and chicken jambalaya is in fact gluten free.****

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