Sunday, 26 February 2012

Disneyland Parks: Mickey Shaped Ice Cream Bar

We know them, we love them, and we know Storm Troopers really like them too. They are...the Mickey Shaped Ice Cream Bars.

On this day my friend, Erin, and I had plans to get these while we were in the parks- yes we planned it. They started off as our breakfast but we got side tracked with Star Tours and various other attractions so we postponed our snack till after lunch.

I mean there isn't much to it, just vanilla ice cream cut in the shape of Mickey Mouse and dipped in milk chocolate but it is still so awesome and good even for $4.25.

And no they don't come with a bite out of it already, I did that, just to show that 'yes' there is ice cream in there.

These are gluten and soy free and very delicious. Not convinced of just how delicious they are, well then:

Does that look like the face of someone who isn't enjoying their ice cream? No. That is Erin's 'I'm in Disneyland with Mickey Shaped Ice Cream Bar' face.

So yes, very good but expensive, but come on, it's Mickey shaped! Everything tastes better when shaped like Mickey Mouse!


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  1. I really wanted one when we were there! Next time it's a must have.