Monday, 14 May 2012

New Orlean's Square: Cafe Orleans [2]

My parents and I decided to mix it up a bit and this time didn't go to Blue Bayou as per usual, we made reservations at Cafe Orleans instead. I'm beginning to really like Cafe Orleans a lot just because it does offer different food from Blue Bayou and French Market but it is all still Cajun.

Last time, when I was with my friends we kind of just wanted to eat and go on more rides so we didn't get an appetizer. With the parents, though, we were drawn into the scent of garlic and an appetizer was going to be order regardless of time. Not just any appetizer, but the appetizer.

That wonderful garlic-ness is coming from the pomme frites. They are covered in garlic and Parmesan cheese, both of which shine through all the other flavours going on. There is also a dipping sauce that adds some creaminess and spiciness to that mixture.

For dinner, I ordered the N'awlins Vegetable Ragout again only this time I ordered it with asparagus and not chicken. Honestly, I like it more with asparagus than chicken, it was a better fit to the dish.

Another great dining experience at Cafe Orleans, aside from the fact that it was starting to get kind of cold outside and that's where we were sitting. But there was a lots of spicy and good food to keep us warm and happy.


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  1. Hi! The pomme fries are GF? I was really hoping so, as I am so looking forward to them this August!