Friday, 11 May 2012

Critter Country: Pooh's Corner

Pooh's Corner sells the same handmade candy that the Candy Palace sells and some at the Market house. Just like The Candy Palace, it has a window to watch the chefs make these various sweet treats. My family and I went on the Winnie the Pooh ride and emptied out into there where we watched the chefs dip marshmallows on a stick in some caramel.

I couldn't resist- no really I couldn’t, I have a problem when it comes to candy and dessert- and my father kindly gave me money to buy something thus further tempting me. Having watched the chefs at work, I decided to get the marshmallows dipped in caramel then sprinkled with cashews and then dipped in milk chocolate and drizzled with white chocolate. Is your mouth watering yet? Rest assured, it did taste as good as it sounds.

I was happy I went with the cashew choice because they added some salt that helped cut through the sweetness that would only come with marshmallows, caramel, and milk chocolate combined together. It could have been the caramel that salt was added too, and if that is the case, the cashews did add a bit of crunchiness that helped with the textural difference.

What was great about it was that since there was marshmallow in the middle, when you bit into it, all the chocolate pieces that broke off the outside, instead of falling to the ground, stuck to the marshmallow and was still there to enjoy instead of falling onto your lap, floor, or your hand.

It was very delicious but slightly large so you might want to have a friend help you eat it.


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