Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Main Street U.S.A: Jolly Holiday Bakery [5]

In case you were wondering, no I will never stop the Jolly Holiday reviews.

This time I went and had the oven-roasted turkey sandwich on a gluten free bun. Beforehand, I had gone and got a mint julep to enjoy with the sandwich. I liked this turkey sandwich more than the one from the River Belle Terrace because I could taste the turkey more and the meat to bun ratio was better here. The homemade potato chips are excellent as always- I think they should sell those as a snack and not just alongside sandwiches.

The price is about $9 but it is a good sandwich and fills you up without making you stuffed. I mention this a lot, but I feel like it is important to be full but not too full because you want to be able to do all that you came to the parks to do.

If you want a turkey sandwich from Disneyland get the one from Jolly Holiday.


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