Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Disney California Adventure: Cotton Candy

 As I mentioned when I reviewed the Disneyland Parks: Cotton Candy, both parks has the pink, classic cotton candy but Disney California Adventure also offers blue cotton candy. I finally tried some and now I know why little kids always get this flavour.

It is very sweet. I know it's pure sugar and it’s supposed to be sweet, but the flavour (I think raspberry) makes it taste like candy and makes it seem like there is more in your mouth than there actually is. It's hard to explain but it is a big difference from the classic pink one. I prefer the pink, personally, but the blue one wasn't too bad. Both are the same price, $4, but one is good enough for maybe four people.

I didn't take a picture of it but here is a picture of my cousin enjoying the last of it:

And just because he is adorable, here is a few more pictures of my cousin enjoying different treats.

Mickey shaped cookie from Jolly Holiday.

Mint Julep from the mint julep bar.

He got all the cherries in our mint juleps, well except mine, I ate those first.

And last, him enjoying a Mickey shaped pretzel.

So the cotton candy! I'm going to stick with the pinkone , but blue isn't too bad. And yeah, that's my cousin, he likes to eat.


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