Saturday, 8 November 2014

Paradise Pier: Ariel's Grotto [2]

I greatly enjoyed the experience and the food last time I ate at Ariel's Grotto, so this trip, I made reservations to dine there again. Curious about their breakfast options, I made the reservations for then.

Today was the 24 hour day- or the Rock Your Disney Side day- in the parks, which meant the Disneyland Resort and Disney California Adventure, opened at 6 AM. Brittany and I were up at 5 AM to get ready, and lacking sleep as we were up late watching an X-Men marathon and I was finishing my costume and some homework. Still, we managed to get dressed in our marvelous costumes, and were in the park at 6 AM.

There was no plan of attack for when we went in, just breakfast at 9:30 AM and Innoventions at 11 AM. So we went around both parks for three and a half hours. I was surprised by the lack of costumes and the lack of people. More people showed up later in the day, but this early in the morning, there weren't as many people as I thought there was going to be.

We checked in for our reservation, and it wasn't a long wait until we were able to go down and take photos with Ariel. She looked very awkward next to us; almost like she didn't know what to do or how to react. After that awkward experience, we were shown to our seats, which were outside and I was grateful for that. We didn't request to sit outside, it was just where they happened to place us, but I needed to be in the cool morning air because I was covered in layers of leather and metal.

A waitress came and took our drink order, I got hot tea, and we were allowed to peruse the menu while enjoying some breakfast breads and pastries. Well, I didn't, Brittany enjoyed them, I took a photo with them.

The menu for breakfast was a strange mixture of breakfast foods, but more up-scale ones. They offered both sweet and savoury dishes to please every pallete.

Our food orders were taken and that's when we heard the voice we never want to hear again. It was the singing announcer for the princesses. Each time a princess was coming out to greet the diners, he had to sing about it. Very Disney and very much geared for the kids. I knew this was going to happen when dining here, but honestly, it was about the food for us.

Still, we took pictures with the Princesses, and Belle was the only one who made a comment about who we were. Apparently, she is well read in Norse Mythology.

Our food soon arrived and I think one of the best parts of this meal were our waiters' reactions to Brittany and me in our costumes. They knew who we were and were very entertained by it. As our waiter placed my dish down in front of me, he said, "Loki eats frittata. Okay." Another waiter complimented us.

Anyway, yes, I had ordered the frittata, being the only thing meat and gluten free. I'm sure you can get a chef to come out and discuss your allergy friendly options, should you need it. I was happy with frittata because they are good, so no complaints from me.

I think it was a leek frittata, there was some green veg. mixed into the eggs, on hash-browns topped with avocado and tomatoes. It seemed small at first glance, but with everything else, it filled me up just the right amount.

It was all a touch on the bland side, but overall was very good. The frittata was creamy, which went well with the smooth avocados that brought a lightness to the everything. Then the hash-browns added crunsh and helped weigh things down and give you that fullness you need at Disneyland.

We were out of there with enough time to queue up for Innoventions opening. First we jumped in line to meet Thor. Where, while waiting, we fell asleep, along with the Hawkeye that was next to us. We journeyed to Asgard, met Thor, talked about our shiny-ness, then met Cap, talked about our shiny-ness, and got adorable photos of Brittany as Agent Carter with Steve Rogers.

If you are going to start your 24 hours at Disneyland off with some breakfast, that was a perfect way to start it. Minus the lack of sleep the night before. You're going to want sleep.


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