Sunday, 23 November 2014

Disneyland Paris: Goofy's Candy

When feeling peckish, we always settled with candy. It was easy to eat, easy to store, and put some energy into our bodies.

The candy for sale around the park that we settled on was the Goofy's Candy brand. Anaheim Disneyland has this too, but they have different candies. In Anaheim, Goofy's candies are sour balls and salt water taffy, here they are marshmallow bonbons and various sour gummies.

The first kind we tried, we grabbed to snack on while in the queue for Phantom Manor. The candies were sour fruit strips with only three flavours, I think. Either way, they were tasty and did their job. I just would have liked more flavour variation.

The second Goofy Candy we tried were special. I don't know what it is, but the French apparently love marshmallows. Nearly all the sweet treats were marshmallows. It was strange, and highly disappointing.

These bonbons were too, marshmallows, and slightly less disappointing because of everything going on with them. Majority of it was a marshmallow, but it was candied. Because of this candy shell, it soaked into the marshmallow, taking it from the common fluffy consistency to a Lucky Charm's marshmallow consistency. The candy had four different flavours, I think, all fruity in variety. Then inside the marshmallow, were these little bits of sour crunchy candy, but small, like sprinkles.

I've had many different candies from all over the world and I can safely say that this was one of the strangest, most confusing candy I've ever had. Yet, it was still good, and after the evening we had, it was a much needed treat.


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