Friday, 7 November 2014

Main Street, U.S.A.: Jolly Holday Bakery [12]

Yes, again.

We were just about to leave the park as Disneyland was closing, but we couldn't resist a late evening treat from Jolly Holiday. The fact that it is open until park closing makes me a happy snowman.

Brittany and I both ordered hot chocolate- Ashley had left us due to an early work shift the next day. I also ordered the cheesecake, which was fully loaded with raspberries on top.

I didn't get any flavour shots in my hot chocolate, just the whipped cream on top. It greatly warmed me up on the chilly night and is so much better than the hot chocolate available anywhere else in the park.

The cheesecake was rich and creamy as per usual. The large amount of tart from the mountains of raspberries cut through the richness. Combined with the hot chocolate and the atmosphere, it was the best way to end a day at Disneyland.


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