Saturday, 8 November 2014

New Orleans Square: Blue Bayou [3]

Our other reservation for this 24 hour Disney Day, was for dinner at Blue Bayou. Both Brittany and I agree this is the best restaurant, only this time around, it was far from it.

After a long, exhausting day of fun-filled frolicking all around both parks, we were ready for a good meal to give us energy to do the last few things we wanted to do. At this point, we knew we couldn't last the full 24 hours, we desperately needed sleep, so we were going to have a power nap after dinner.

We had a lengthy wait in the waiting room before we were finally shown to our table. Fighting off the sleep, we ordered mint juleps and jambalaya. The mint juleps are still endless and the jambalaya still comes with your choice of salad or gumbo.

The salad was fine, but the jambalaya was not. They had changed it and not for the better. Last time, it was very salty, this time it was not as salty, but still not perfect on the seasoning. Then the shrimp, fish, and andouille were arranged in the middle of the dish in a fancy presentation. It was nice to look at, but defeated the purpose of jambalaya.

Jambalaya is essentially something you can throw together in a pot and cook until ready to get the flavours to combine together. These were cooked and arranged separately, so the rice on the bottom lacked the proper flavour. We weren't very happy with it.

The worst part: I was so tired when we left, I couldn't finish a full glass of mint julep!

After that, we went to meet Thor once more before going to nap. The cast members were hesistant to let me into Asgard, and when the narration talked about Loki, everyone looked at me then shifted away. I also had an amusing conversation with Thor.

Finally, we went back to our hotel and slept. When our alarms went off to go back into the park at 2 AM, we decided to continue to sleep. Our bodies simply did not want to get up.

I still enjoyed myself at Rock Your Disney Side, despite the odd Blue Bayou jambalaya.

And I am forever sorry, I left behind a mint julep.


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