Friday, 7 November 2014

Garden Walk: Johnny Rockets

In all honesty, I had no clue there was a Johnny Rockets at the Garden Walk until this trip. We had spent a full day at WonderCon walking the exhibit hall, attending the Salem panel, and The Art of Frozen panel. I wore my Elsa costume, which I was finally, officially debuting after starting it back in August 2013.

The hosts of the Frozen panel: four of the storyboard artists.

Both of our feet were in pain. Mine from wearing heels all day, Brittany's from endless walking. I'm sure that contributed to the ache in my feet as well.

I didn't want to drive anywhere, so I did a search for restaurants in our area. Our hotel was next door to the Garden Walk, so it wasn't a horrible trek and we agreed on Johnny Rockets.

If entering Garden Walk from Katella, as we did, Johnny Rockets is located on the second floor in the way back. Johnny Rockets is a chain, 1950's style diner with classic diner food such as shakes and burgers.

We sat at a table next to a table where Indiana Jones and Mr. Fantastic were dining, and ordered a cherry shake, regular fries, sweet potato fries, and I think Brittany got a chocolate shake, but I might be wrong.

No, most of their food is not allergy friendly. They have some salads, but that is a very limited option. Typically, my back up is fries and a shake since in Southern California, they are abundant and can be very filling.

My cherry shake was made with maraschino cherries, so it was very sweet. I wanted the fruit flavour though, as opposed to a plain vanilla, but yes it was very sweet.

Both orders of fries were okay. Nothing spectacular. The fries were better than the sweet potato fries, because they had a more even cook and more seasoning.

Not the best I've had from Johnny Rockets, but it did what it was suppose to do. It fed us and it wasn't too far of a walk.


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