Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Paradise Pier Hotel: PCH Grill

My friend Gabby, who just graduated, loves Disney. When I worked there, it was non-stop questions that I didn't mind answering. She also really loves the characters that roam the parks, so she made reservations for as many character dining experiences as possible. This morning, we had reservations at seven in the morning, so I was up at six dawning my outfit for the day that resembled one of my favourite characters:

I lead the way to the Paradise Pier Hotel- I was sort of like a tour guide/leader as we marched through the parks, Downtown Disney, and the Hotels. As we arrived at the hotel, the fondest memory I had there was carrying a cake through the lobby and hallways shaped like the Candy Palace on Main Street for a class assignment back when I was in the Disney College Program.

The PCH Grill had just opened at seven, so being one of the first groups in there, we only waited a short time before it was our time to take a picture with lifeguard Mickey. The theme in this restaurant is ‘the beach’, so Mickey and Minnie had lifeguard outfits on, Daisy was wearing her normal flora garbs but with hibiscus flower prints, Pluto had a starfish hanging from his collar, and Stitch was walking around with an appropriate Hawaiian lei around his neck.

Daisy giving Adam a kiss, or going in to eat his head, either way.

Pluto with the Graduation Girl, who is looking at a different camera.

Stitch creeping up on Adam. Stitch gave him a wet willy at one point, and was overall being a prankster towards Adam.

We were seated and a cast member took our drink order and delivered them with amazing curly, bendy straws. We interacted with the characters before getting up and getting food.

It was buffet style so all of the breakfast foods were displayed in hot plates and there were a lot of generic breakfast foods. One thing I was happy to see was chillaquilles, which is a Mexican breakfast dish that is my default breakfast at home, but that was something that needed to be fresh and not sitting in a hot plate so I skipped on that. Again, I had a hard time finding things to eat and I know that they offer gluten free pancakes and waffles, but I really didn't want those so I got some simple things.

Breakfast potatoes with peppers, some melon, and a cup of yogurt with berries and a dollop of whipped cream. I also had ice tea to go with everything because I need my morning tea, especially for Disneyland. Everything was fresh and good, not terribly filling but what can you do. I am picky when it comes to buffets and breakfast foods in addition to the fact that I can't eat a lot of breakfast foods because they are filled with gluten. I ate what I could and that was the important part.

Because it is character dining and a buffet, they have a fixed price of $40, I believe, at PCH Grill, so it is expensive, very expensive, but if you are hungry, very hungry, it could be worth it.

It was just a basic breakfast buffet probably just like one available at your hotel, but those don't have Disney Characters bothering you while you eat do they?

Afterwards, we made our way into Disneyland and went and took pictures at Pixie Hollow, after first going on Space Mountain:
Don't know this blue dressed fairy, so that was awkward.

And they gave Tinkerbell a new dress...?


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