Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Down the Street: Mimi's Cafe

Located on Harbour and Manchester, Mimi's Cafe is a quaint little restaurant with a seemingly rustic French vineyard feel to it.

It was my friend’s graduation trip from Southern Oregon University and this trip had been, I think, a year in the making. We left our homes on July 2nd and drove down to Anaheim while blasting a various variety of Disney tunes, and I was in the back working on a script for homework.

Our hotel was just across the street from Disneyland, on Harbour, and we didn't want to drive anywhere for dinner, so we decided to embark on the short walk to Mimi's Cafe.

Being that it was later at night, it wasn't that busy and we were immediately seated. Their menu was simple, still following that French/Tuscany feel, but they also had a pretty amazing drink selection as well.

My friend, the graduation girl, got a strawberry banana shake that stood far above all others.

Another friend got a mojito, while I got a melon-tini. It was green, and I like green so that's a plus, and it was full of sweet flavour and the melon wasn't too overwhelming with a hint of lemon.

The dinner plates were of reasonable size, but there really wasn't much to eat in the gluten and soy free department so I reverted to the back up of salad. Many people might look down on salads and call it rabbit food, but when a salad is done right it can be quite tasty and just filling enough. I had a spinach salad with crisp greens, creamy goat cheese, crunchy pecans, and light vinaigrette- this was a good salad. It is a classic, yes, but a good classic that never fails. This particular night, I wasn't looking to try anything new, I just wanted food, and this didn't disappoint. Besides I had a drink that was new enough for me.

Overall, the food was full of flavour and it satisfied but it wasn't anything new, and I didn't mind that. It also wasn't that expensive, my drink and salad combined only cost around $14. And it gave me nourishment for the three days of Disney fun that was starting the very next day, bright and early.


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