Thursday, 18 July 2013

Main Street U.S.A.: The Plaza Inn [2]

It was our last day in the parks, and we had formulated a long list of things we had left to do. I was dubbed in charge of leading us through the crowds and getting us to the areas we needed to be at on time and when it was least crowded. I am good at that so I didn't mind, when I am with people I tell them they don't need the Disneyland app on their phones because they have me.

This morning, we had to finish off our character dining at The Plaza Inn. Yet another buffet style breakfast with pretty much all the same food as at PCH Grill. I have been here once before: review is here and it was what I expected, only this time it was nice to be inside the park when it opened and not having to rush from the hotels through Downtown Disney to get there.
They did raise the price since last time, though, just like Disney seemed to have done everywhere else. When I went there a year ago it was $25 this time around it was $32, so not entirely happy about that but it was okay.

As I pointed out in other reviews from this trip, Disney dining has become more aware of dietary restrictions and when we first checked in and paid they asked if there were any in our group and we told them of our gluten and gluten/soy allergies and they wrote that down on our ticket and said they would send a chef to our table.

We got a table in the back, and I took the seat right next to the noisy family that often blocked my seat so I couldn't sit, that was fun. We sat down and of course the characters started coming around first thing, this was the only place where there wasn't a waitress to take our drink orders, so once seated you can immediately go get food. We stopped and took some pictures first, though.

After all that, the chef came around to our table. I want to say her name was Allison, but regardless of her name, she was a nice chef who really wanted to make sure Grace and I had enough food to eat. We only ordered some gluten free waffles and while everyone else got their food, we waited for our waffles. That's when Hook came around and we took a picture with him.

Our waffles came and I was excited because I hadn't had them before. I got the same meal as last time I was at The Plaza Inn, so nothing exciting there, but the new thing were the waffles. I was almost tempted to get the pancakes as well, but that would have been too much food.

They were Mickey shaped like the regular ones, and it isn't in this picture but I did get some syrup to pour on these, they also offer powdered sugar to sprinkle on top as well. They were interesting. The flavour was great, a hint of grain with some sweetness from the syrup. They tasted fresh and healthy, but in a good way. The only odd thing about it was the texture. I think the base flour for these is rice flour because the texture was, for lack of a better word, squishy.

If anyone knows what mochi is (Japanese rice cake), it was that exact same texture except for the crispy crust where it was in contact with the waffle pan. Others might be put off from it, but I didn't mind, I was use to that texture because I eat a lot of mochi. They were also incredibly dense, so eating all four after having my other food was a challenge, but at least I knew I was going to be full for a while.

Afterwards we went on Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage. Where we found Nemo...

We got to see the one thing I had been dying to see. The Ironman suits! My love of The Avengers still goes strong so this was like a dream for me.

About five minutes later I got to do the other thing I wanted to do that day...

Yes, Wendy Darling was my Disney Bound outfit that day. Since I wouldn't have been allowed to wear my actual Wendy costume in the park, I took the ribbons from it and added it to my light blue dress.

For a last day in the park, this was a pretty spectacular morning. At least for me it was, and I'm sure the others had fun because we got to go to the new Fantasy Faire as well as meet Rapunzel.


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