Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Main Street U.S.A.: Jolly Holiday Bakery [9]

Is it really that surprising that on a trip to Disneyland I found my way back to this supercalifragilisticexpialidocious bakery? I cannot stress enough how fantasmic this bakery truly is!

That morning, we went and took pictures with Princess Merida.

And saw Mickey and the Magical Map.

While wandering around Disneyland all day, lunchtime was soon upon us and when in doubt, my friends asked me where to go so I immediately suggested Jolly Holiday Bakery and they were up for it. Knowing what I wanted before I even stepped into the bakery, I ordered first, which was good because this time I got to talk to one of the chefs. Sometimes when you say that you have an allergy, like when I asked for my caprese sandwich on a gluten free bun, they will go and get the chef to make sure that everything you asked for is okay for you to eat. So this time around, I got to meet the chef and she made sure that everything was okay and that is when she said there was something new to the sandwich. Before, it was the sandwich with a basil sauce and balsamic sauce on it but this time she said they also put an aioli on it. I got that on the side because I was uncertain if there was soybean oil in it, but I was happy to have the option to get it on the side.

This sandwich never disappoints and when in doubt, and if I am ever hungry at Disneyland, go buy one of these sandwiches because it is only around $8 and they are ever so delicious.

 Our friend Ariel with Mary Poppins.

Afterwards, we appropriately went and took pictures with Mary Poppins and then watched the musical chairs with Alice and the Mad Hatter.


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