Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Disneyland Hotel: Goofy's Kitchen

Ever since I worked at Disneyland, I had wanted to go to Goofy's Kitchen, but every time I had friends going, I was working. This is another character dining experience and that means it is something where you should have a friend to go eat there with. Well, the time had come for me to finally eat there because my friend Gaby really did make reservations for all the character dining experiences possible.

Again, our breakfast reservation was for seven in the morning so we made it over to the Disneyland Hotel, with me leading the way, and we checked in and paid first this time. Because it is a character-dining buffet, it was a flat rate price of exactly $42.03, yes expensive but worth it.

After checking in, you then go in and take a picture with Goofy in his chef whites before being seated. Our party of six was sat in a sort of secluded room but still right next to the buffet.

A few characters stopped by before we went to get food, Dale particularly seemed to like our table, not sure why. And without fail, all of the characters liked our hats- we did have some pretty fabulous hats.

Our drinks arrived and I ordered some hot tea and was pleasantly surprised that I had more of a selection than just Nestle black tea. That isn’t a very good quality tea, but that is usually the option at Disneyland, but this time I was also offered breakfast tea and Earl Grey. After situating our drinks, we hit the buffet. There was a far greater option here than at PCH Grill and it was almost overwhelming how much more food there was. I had to resist the temptation to get the soft serve ice cream first thing and went to get a few healthier options before I came to ice cream. I ended up getting my usual when it comes to buffets: breakfast potatoes, melon, and a bowl of yogurt with fresh berries. They also have this dessert bar with pastries and cookies, puddings, and jello. Sadly, the only thing I could eat from there was the jello, and of course I got some.

For some reason this morning, I wasn't all that hungry and despite my rather small amount of breakfast, I was really full. I wanted to get more because I did really want some ice cream, but I felt like I didn’t have room for more so I didn't get up again.

This buffet did have more variety and it was amazingly good even with the limited amount of food that I could eat. I really wanted to eat my money's worth and it can be easily done, I just wasn't as hungry as I wanted to be. Everything looked delicious, especially all of those desserts, so if you ever go, make sure you are hungry because you're going to want to be.

I would also like to point out that on the day that we went, it was the Fourth of July, so Happy Independence Day America, and I got to spend the morning with Alice and the Hatter.

I had a conversation with Alice about my hat and how I made it. It is from my USO Girl costume and was the most patriotic thing I had besides wearing the actual costume. I reassured Alice that I wasn't Hatter's competition.

The Hatter came over and joined our tea party, three of us had tea, and we talked about tea. His favourite tea was part-tea and his least favourite tea is emp-tea.

After having our fill of delicious food, we walked through Downtown Disney and took the Monorail into Disneyland. A lot of people forget about that entrance, just like my friends did, but it gets you on another attraction and it puts you in Tomorrowland so you can avoid the park opening crowd at the gates and taking pictures at the front. If you are coming from Downtown Disney, it really is the only way to go in and it makes sense.


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