Thursday, 18 July 2013

New Orleans Square: The Blue Bayou [2]

Our last meal at Disneyland finally arrived. We had our last reservation for dinner at Blue Bayou at 4:30 PM so we didn't eat lunch that day due to the early scheduled dinner. We checked in and they asked about dietary restrictions and wrote that down on the reservation ticket before we went to wait. I think this was the first time I saw the Blue Bayou waiting room empty of people and we were actually able to sit on one of the benches in there. It didn't last long because we were quickly seated and our waiter got our drink order.

At Blue Bayou and Cafe Orleans they have never ending mint juleps, and in the past, I’ve had five in one seating. I've been trying to beat that record, so this evening was no different. As soon as I would get a mint julep, I would pretty much chug it, because I loved them. Also, the past three days, I had only gotten one mint julep, so I was dying for some. The only problem I had was that they weren't getting refilled fast enough. It was at the point that they might as well have just left the pitcher on the table, but alas they did not.

Our waiter was amazing, though he seemed slightly frazzled and busy, but still took his time to do his job properly and make sure everything was great for us. He brought us the regular bread and then, when we informed him of our dietary restrictions, he brought us some gluten free bread.

 It was warm and the texture was perfect. It was probably a brown rice bread and it has that toasty flavour that went well with the spread of butter on it that melted into the spongy texture. It was ridiculously filling though, so I only ate half before my meal came and I forced myself to finish the other half after my meal because it was so good. I would have taken the other two home if I had a sanitary way of doing so. Grace and I were very happy.

Our waiter also informed us of what we could and could not eat, just like at other restaurants. He said they had us covered and could pretty much make anything gluten free except the lamb, probably because a marinade for the lamb. I love the jambalaya, I always get the jambalaya, and so I got the jambalaya. The spices are always just amazing, the fish was moist and flaked throughout the dish so it was in every scoop, and the shrimp was perfectly cooked. The one thing that bothered me this time around was how salty it was. Never before was it so salty and of course it wasn't until I was almost done with the meal that I realized how salty it was and try as I wanted, I just couldn't finish it. That's when I finished off my piece of bread to try and get rid of some of the salty-ness.

I love having the bread, you really miss the little things like bread and butter before a meal when you can't eat it, so that made me happy. Especially since the bread didn't taste like gluten free bread.
The final mint julep total was four. I tried and I could have beat my old record but they really weren't coming fast enough.

The rest of the day was spent doing the things we had on our list to do and some things that weren't on our list:

Cruella de Vil

Soundsational Parade

Mad T Party

We even were able to go on all three rides in Carsland in about an hour.

My friend talking to a fellow cast member.

Another friend was our dispatch cast member when we got into our car at Radiator Spring Racers. 

 That extra person isn't a single rider, she is a friend who joined us at Mad T Party and Carsland after she got off work.

We finished in Fantasyland. Nighttime is the best time to go for this because it isn't as crowded, so you can take funny pictures like we did.

It was a great trip and we all had a lot of fun. I don't know when I will be returning, I am hoping for Disney Expo. There are still a few places I have yet to eat at and I’m hoping to eventually eat at each restaurant in Disneyland.


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