Saturday, 9 February 2013

Carsland: Flo's V8 Cafe [3]

Oh, hello there.

I know it has been quite some time since I've reviewed and written on this blog. Personally, I blame it on lack of Disney. Leading up to working at Disneyland, I would spend my days drawing nothing but Disney characters and watching nothing but Disney movies. Then I worked there and even on my days off I would be at the parks-- an extreme version of surrounding myself with Disney. Then I left.

I both loved and hated leaving. At the time, I was so happy to move because Anaheim is not my ideal place to live; I was excited to move back to my family and not have to participate in family dinners through Skype. And while I was not excited to go back to school, that was the main reason why I didn't stay working for Disney.

Now I miss it and the thing I miss the most are the cast members. Guests are great and the Company is amazing but by far the cast members are what helped me get through those opening shifts every morning. I am friends with a lot of them on Facebook and I love seeing their goofy cast member photos and their statuses abut different guest interactions they had that makes their job worth it. So next time you are in Disneyland, have a conversation with a cast member, it might be something you'll remember your whole life.

But on with the food, well drink in this case!

My friend was having a 21st birthday at Disneyland. It was months in the making. There was a scavenger hunt and lots of special 'Charlotte knows a lot of cast members' moments. Thanks again everybody! With your help, my friend now thinks I am the best person to go to Disneyland with.

The very last thing we did on our last day in the park was get milkshakes at Flo's then got in line for Radiator Springs Racers. I've reviewed the vanilla milkshake, and I can't really stand chocolate milkshakes so I got the strawberry shake (sans road gravel). Again it was thick and amazing; the strawberry flavour came through very well but not overpowering and it was a great treat to have while waiting in the 70 minute Racer's line.

The birthday girl posing with her favourite characters. She dreams of eventually being friends with Alice.

Some of the group on splash mountain. We did a telephone line up the log of what pose we were going to do. We were supposed to do 'Seriously Scary' but sadly, our friend at the end heard 'Seriously Scared'. Thus probably the best photo ever.


I appreciate everyone who still reads this blog even though I will no longer be updating almost every week. I will update every time I go down and try something new. Thank you!


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