Saturday, 9 February 2013

Main Street U.S.A.: Jolly Holiday Bakery [7]

Experiencing Trader Sam's for the first time was part of the 'best' category for this trip, and while I love Jolly Holiday Bakery, this time around it was part of the 'worst' category.

So far our morning was interesting. I had tried to push my family out of our hotel as fast as possible so we could get to the parks as fast as possible. It worked somewhat; we got there 15 minutes after park opening. We got our tickets very fast then made our way in. Now, I know my way around the morning rush at Disneyland, usually people run to Tomorrowland and Fantasyland, rarely over to Adventureland and New Orleans Square so my family followed me away from Tomorrowland and over to Indiana Jones. I heard from some of my friends that they recently did a lot of work on the ride to help improve it and lower the amount of down times so it was ironic when we got over there and saw they were down. They weren't even distributing fast passes because they didn't know if the ride would be back open again that day.

Hungry and disappointed, my dad lead us to Jolly Holiday Bakery because they loved it last time and really wanted to go back. The line was long and slow moving, it was peak season so we expected this, and honestly, we didn't care about waiting. It was Holiday time at the parks, so they had a lot of special holiday treats and drinks, which is what my problem was. Because of the additions to the options, other items had to be removed for the time to make room for more seasonal treats. Two of the things removed were the only two things I could eat there: the flourless chocolate cake and the cheesecake. In other words, I didn't eat breakfast because there wasn't anything there that I could eat. I did have to try one of the holiday drinks so I got the caramel apple cider.

My family was happy with what they ordered, although my brother didn't get anything to eat either just a coffee. So my parents enjoyed their breakfast, but I was left upset.

The cider was warm which was great on that cold morning, but the caramel kind of just went to the bottom of the cup and so the last couple of sips were way too sweet. It had great flavour, though, and somewhat filled me up and gave me energy to go on that morning. Afterwards, we made our way over to Pirates and then Holiday Haunted Mansion.


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