Saturday, 1 September 2012

Buena Vista Street: Carthay Circle Theatre (Restaurant) [2]

I am now, no longer a cast member.
It was the day before I moved away from Disneyland and my parents came down to help me move but we had to spend one last day in the parks. They were excited to see Buena Vista Street and Carsland, and we did end up spending most of our time there than in Disneyland.

Because they had read about my dining experience at Carthay Circle Theatre Restaurant on my blog, and I told them about it, when it came time for dinner my dad decided that we should dine there. We didn't make a reservation so we had a wait of 15-20 minutes, but because of this we decided to look around the bar and lobby area and came across these:

Having done a speech on John Lasseter for a class, I had known that he had his own vineyard and made and sold his own wine. I didn't know that they served his wines at Carthay Circle but it makes sense that they do. These were just some bottles they had on display by the bar with Pixar labels.

They also serve other Disney related families' wine:

 Here is a picture of some of the menu:

I rather enjoyed the rose soda last time, but I had to resist and forced myself to try something else that had caught me eye. I ordered the other specialty drink that they had and it was a wild berry lemonade with a berry foam. It was delicious and the foam was nice, but I would have been content without it. I am starting to get tired of this strange foam trend.

For an appetizer, I had the watermelon salad. It had radish, watermelon, a fruit gel of some sort, mixed greens, peppers, and on the bottom was a lime mascarpone. It was a small portion but full of flavours and had very interesting textures going throughout it.

My mum ordered the halibut ceviche that came with a cilantro and lime sauce and plantain chips. I thought this was better than my salad. It was fresh and light with great textures going on with the crunch from the chip and the smoothness of the fish and the tangy flavour of the sauce- it was perfect.

My parents couldn't resist and got a bottle of Lasseter's wine. They said it was good.

For dinner, I decided to get the bacon wrapped shrimp. It came with a creamy corn sauce with fresh corn. The bacon was crispy and perfect and added some flavour to the shrimp but didn't overpower it too much. The corn was a nice touch though it was hard to get it all together in one bite. It was still very tasty and didn't weigh me down so I was ready to continue on with my California Adventure after dinner.

Once again, I did skip the dessert and we went to Ghirardelli to get sundaes. Which were amazing as per usual.

So a second dinner at Carthay Circle and overall we were very pleased with it. My parents loved it, as did my brother. Again service isn't as speedy as you would like it to be, but if you have good company with you then you don't really notice.


P.S. Yes, that is the end of my dining at Disney and around Disney while I was living in the area. I am now back at school but I will post to this blog as often as I can and see fit. My next trip to Disneyland is next weekend so I shall be posting soon.

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  1. We had the Halibut Ceviche, too, the last time my family went to Disneyland. We also tried their Signature Fire Cracker Duck Wings, and I had a plate of Grilled Lamb Rolitini. Have you tried these? They are scrumptious! I noticed how the restaurant offers a menu that focuses on seasonal products and diverse flavors found in Southern California.

    Lawrie Brinkerhoff