Sunday, 10 February 2013

For Sale: Turkey Leg

No, I did not get a turkey leg. My brother did and I had a little piece, which was enough for me.

Our day was spent going on a few rides then eating a little something, then going on a few rides, then eating a little something more. So before this little something we went on Pirates, Haunted Mansion, and Snow White.

Then as we were walking around the hub after taking a picture at the castle:

My brother decided to get a turkey leg because he was hungry-- that's what happens when you don't eat breakfast. He got his turkey leg and we went and sat down to people watch while my brother ate, and I got to sit next to him. The Disneyland turkey leg is from a very large turkey and you can smell it before you see it. It has a distinct smell that some find mouth watering but I find...not mouth watering. And those bones are huge. I once found a bone left under a bench while I was working- it was gross.
My brother greatly enjoyed it though, made him feel like a manly man. It was salty and tasted a bit like turkey and a lot like ham. But it is too huge for one person unless you are really hungry; my parents had a few bites of it as well.

I've seen some families bring bread to the park with them and get a leg and just cut it up and made turkey sandwiches out of it. Just as one idea of what you can do with it.

While we were sitting there, we also got to watch the USC marching band as they made their way down Main Street, although what they were playing was very boring.

After that little something, we headed over to Disney's California Adventure.

Just so you know, this was neither in the 'best' category for this trip nor the 'worst' it was just interesting.


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