Saturday, 9 February 2013

Disneyland Hotel: Trader Sam's

My mum really wanted to go to Disneyland, a lot. So my dad gave in and on December 28th we were back at the happiest place on earth that just got happier; and it was possibly one of the best and worst trips ever.

The day before, though, we arrived back in Anaheim- well our hotel was in Fullerton so really we were back in Fullerton- and we spent the evening going to different places we loved and one new experience. We got dinner at Pieology, it is like a Subway but with pizza and you get a 12" diameter pizza with whatever you want on it and a fountain drink for about $10, and they have gluten free pizza crust. It isn't exactly next door to Disneyland but it is worth the 10 or so minute drive north. After dinner, we had time to kill before going to the Bruery and I convinced my family to go to Downtown Disney.

My gluten free pizza with fresh tomatoes, olives, sausage, mozzarella, and basil.

For the next night, I had planned a meet up with a few friends at Trader Sam's at the Disneyland Hotel and my parents decided they wanted to see this bar so we went, because we have seen Downtown Disney plenty of times.

Trader Sam's is a bar that is reminiscent of the Tiki Room and has cleverly named drinks like the Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Rum, plus tropical classics, and with certain drinks there are show elements that go off when ordered. My mum got one of those drinks called the Shipwreck and the ship in the bottle on the right side of the bar sunk along with a few lights and sound effects. My dad ordered the Mai Tai, the second strongest drink on the menu, and guess who ordered the strongest drink? Yes, that would be me and it was completely by accident.

Now, a little back-story behind my choice. For Christmas, I got my dad season one and two of The Walking Dead on Blu-ray after I got him hooked on it during one of AMC's many marathon's of the show (like the one I am watching right now). So on Christmas, after watching Dark Knight Rises, we popped in the first disk and did not stop watching it till New Years Day. Lucky for us, on New Years AMC had a season three marathon and we watched that and completely missed midnight by seven minutes. The only break we had from the show was this trip to Disneyland. So this completely verifies why I got the Shrunken Zombie Head.

Shrunken Zombie Head

It. Was. Strong.

My parents both helped me finish it because I, for sure, wasn't going to. My brother just got a beer because he is a beer guy. All drinks, no matter how strong, were great and really brought a Disney touch to drinking, which is kind of ironic considering Disney didn't want alcohol in his park, a fact I greatly loved while working there.

Afterwards, we walked into the lobby of the Frontier Tower of the Disneyland Hotel where we looked at the Big Thunder Railroad model and tried to figure out where the track went but came up confused trying to follow it. And the next day when we went on it we got even more confused, I think it is just because it goes underground more often than we thought.


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