Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Downtown Disney: Tortilla Jo's

As of today I am now a Disney cast member and can fully operate a total of four different rides at Flik's Fun Fair in A Bug's Land located next to the Tower of Terror at Disney California Adventure!

Sadly, so far I've only had the opportunity to play in the parks just once and that was last Tuesday night. My roommates and I walked around Disneyland and went on the shortest wait time rides and had snacks throughout the park. Once the park closed, which was at 8:00 PM for it was not peak season, we headed over to Downtown Disney and walked around there before getting some dinner at Tortilla Jo's.

Personally, I think the name is awkward and strange, but I love Mexican food so I wasn't going to argue just because the name was odd for me. Additionally it wasn't as busy as all of the other places in Downtown Disney. I don't know if that is saying something about the food here, or what, but we took it for what it was: a really short wait time. Just remember that at nighttime, Downtown Disney= BUSY!

We sat down at a table almost immediately after walking in and ordered drinks before browsing the menus. The prices are a little on the expensive side in comparison to other Mexican cuisine restaurants, but those other Mexican restaurants aren't located on prime real estate located on Disney property, now are they? Price range is $15-$25 depending on what you want, so not too outrageous, but still not how you want to eat every night.

Their menu lay out is great though, and makes finding different options easy. They have vegetarian options and they have an astrix next to gluten free options, which was very helpful so I didn't have to ask the waiter and spend more time trying to figure out what I want.

I ended up getting one of the cheaper things because my pay checks hadn't started arriving yet, only $7 for a regular size- small size was $4- without cast member discount (side note for cast members: discount does not work on the weekends). I got the tortilla soup. I use to have it a lot at home when I was younger and I really couldn't remember the last time I had it; plus it was January and chilly out so a bowl of soup was the perfect thing.

The food came out unusually fast, my hopeful guess was to the fact that it was slowing down in the area, and we promptly dug in. It was tasty and what I was expecting, just on the bland side. I added some salt and my roommate gave me her limes to add some tang to my dish. This new level of flavour really added to the dish and made it all the more enjoyable.

If you are able to figure out the pricing so it isn't too hefty on the wallet, and you pick the right time to go, your experience at Tortilla Jo's can be a very successful one. It isn't the best food, but it isn't the worst and it is a nice alternative to Disney dining.



  1. Thanks for the info! We're making our first trip since my husband's gluten intolerance diagnosis.. so this blog has been amazingly helpful. :)