Thursday, 9 August 2012

Disneyland Hotel: Tangaroa Terrace

Located at the Disneyland Hotel right by the pool, are Trader Sam's and The Tangaroa Terrace.

You can find the pool by the incredibly fun Monorail Slides:
The building looks like a tropical get-away and it pretty much feels like that on the inside as well.

There isn't really much on the menu, the entirety is made up of salads and burger. When you walk in, there are little touch screen menus to place your order then you move to the cashier to pay.

The two things that I can get there that are gluten and soy free are the two sides: sweet potato fries and a green papaya salad. So that's what I got.

The green papaya salad was wonderful and full of flavour. There was lettuce, tomato, celery, papaya, and yellow bell peppers all tossed in a dressing that wasn't over powering and there was just enough of it to coat and add flavour.
I love sweet potato any thing, especially fries. These ones were okay, they didn't have that much salt on it, and while I don't like too much salt on my sweet potato fries I would like a bit more because it does help draw out the flavour.

Overall, slightly sad that the only things that I can get from Tangaroa Terrace are the sweet potato fries and the green papaya salad but they are both rather tasty.


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