Tuesday, 5 March 2013

New Orleans Square: French Market [3]

All day long my family and I followed this trend of do some activities then rest and eat, do some activities then rest and eat. We had been to Disneyland so many times the past year, we didn't feel the need to constantly be running around and trying to do everything we could; it was too crowded to do that anyway.

For dinner, my parents were passing around the idea to leave the parks and get dinner somewhere else but I really wanted to go to the French Market. I hadn't had a mint julep yet on this trip, I wanted some jambalaya, and my friend posted a picture of a special holiday cheesecake they had that I had to get.

So everyone agreed with me to go eat at French Market and it was probably the worst experience ever. I wasn't feeling great all day, having headaches and just over all 'blah'ness- I really needed to sit down and eat something. Most of the snacks we had this day was something that I couldn't eat, so I needed a full meal and my mint julep to cheer me up.

I got the jambalaya and a mint julep and the dessert my friend told me about and we sat down outside.

Fail 1
The jambalaya was dry and not as flavourful as it had been the past times that I had it.

Fail 2
I know the mint julep is a box mix, I asked my friend that works at the Mint Julep Bar, and I think they got the mix proportions off because that was the most watered down, worst mint julep I had ever had. Usually at French Market, it doesn't have enough water but this was 100% the opposite.

But Success!
The Bananas Foster Cheesecake was amazing and really kind of made my night. My dad had the first bite since he finished eating first and his comment was 'that tastes like banana!' He thought it was a classic cheesecake. My parents got to enjoy the crust, of course, but I thoroughly enjoyed the rest of it.

It was one of the worst meals I've had at Disneyland but I was hungry and just needed to sit down. After that, I felt a lot better and managed to last the rest of the night. I could have been angry and upset, but we all had this same feeling that it wasn't the best meal. We didn't care much, though, because we were at Disneyland. All day we were asking "If we weren't here right now what else would we be doing?" and the answer was "Sitting on the sofa watching Walking Dead." We were thankful for the trip, even with its drastic ups and downs.


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