Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Hollywoodland: Mad T Party [3]

After dinner, my parents wanted to go back to the hotel to rest and I was going to go with them but I felt obligated to take this time to go off to the Hollywood side of Disney California Adventure and visit all my friends that were working at that time.

First though, I had to go to Mad T Party. Towards the end of my employment at the parks, I never planned to spend so much time there, but it was something that happened at night and changed every night- for the most part- I kept finding myself going back. So on this trip, I had to stop by and get a drink.

I got a Croque-tini.

It is an alcoholic beverage and they do check ID's so be ready for that, and the Mad T Party drinks are known to be strong. The strongest drink they have is the Long Island Tea and that comes in a regular plastic cup size with a light up ice cube. My drink was a 'tini' so it came in a martini glass that you get to keep that has a base that lights up. It is pricey at $11.50 but you get to keep the glass so that isn't too bad and they do fill it to the rim.

It had great fruity flavour to it, not enough to hide the alcohol, as my friend found out at her birthday earlier, but enough make the drink its own. I enjoyed it, although honestly I do enjoy the slushes better. The best part: you can carry the drink around with you throughout the park so after listening to the band for one song- they did change up their set lists from last time- I wandered over to A Bug's Land and stood there and chatted with my friends for pretty much the rest of the night. Eventually, my parents came back and we were off to do our family bonding vacation once more.

As a side note, my brother also at this time went off on his own to do stuff and bought this.

Because apparently he really wanted them.

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