Saturday, 16 June 2012

Carsland: Flo's V8 Cafe

 Flo's V8 Cafe offers a classic diner menu, as well as ugly pies. Ugly pies are funky shaped pies inspired by pies that John Lasseter found when he took a road trip down Route 66.  For those that do not know, Cars was born from a family trip Lasseter took with his family on Route 66, so many things from the Cozy Cones to the ugly pies, came from this trip.

Flo’s is a very classic 50’s diner and it has that theme with a Cars twist throughout the entire restaurant with seating both indoor and outdoor.

I wasn't hungry when I went in, but I had to get something so I got a shake. I thought it was going to be like the shake from Taste Pilot's Grill, but it was so much better- possibly the best shake I've ever had. It was 'could barely get up the straw' thick, and it wasn't too rich or sweet. They have vanilla, chocolate and strawberry, and they come with 'road gravel' on top, which are basically malt balls, but you can ask for them to come without them, which I did because those have wheat.

I sat down inside in this back room where it was just windows and big 50's diner booths. The view was of Radiator Springs Racers so you could watch the action and enjoy your meal.

It was nice to just sit down and watch. There is even a giant rear view mirror on the wall so that those not facing the windows could watch.

The inside was amazing and if the food is like that milk shake I had, then I for sure will spend more time at Flo's...when it isn't so busy.


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